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Boogie Collab!

2008-09-28 13:59:35 by rugbyjoey

I wanna start an annual collab, entitled Boogie.

The theme is exactly what it says on the tin.. Boogie!

Contact me if you want to get involved, And if you have any song ideas!

When we have a team ready i will post the song!


Snakes On A Plane

2008-09-27 04:43:13 by rugbyjoey

Yo Guys!

My movie snakes on a plane got accepted, So have a look!

Keep on listenin to the songs!

Yo Guys

2008-09-13 04:29:24 by rugbyjoey

Hey Guys,

I've only been making songs a little bit,, but i'm getting much better :)

My best song is acoustic smiles, so give that a listen (y)

I'm open to advice,, so please tell me how i can improve :)